New Year’s Eve Around Ocala

New Year's Eve

Saying goodbye is never easy, but who says it can’t be fun? As we say goodbye to the year, remember to treasure each moment with family, friends & the people around you, and wherever or however you choose to spend your New Year’s Eve; stay safe, and I wish you a blessed, healthy, and prosperous year, Happy New Year!

Ocala Area Food For Christmas

Christmas Dinner

Christmas in Ocala is quickly approaching. With holiday shopping in full swing, dining out with some great Ocala Food on Christmas is a beautiful way to spend time with family and get into the spirit of the season. Ocala offers a multitude of local restaurants with great food, each unique in its offerings and ambiance. If you have family coming to visit or are just looking for a break from cooking and you’re wondering where to get good Ocala Food for Christmas, consider visiting one of these establishments in town for your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals.

Consider taking a drive to see some of the Ocala Christmas Lights featured here:

Ocala Christmas Events & Lights

Christmas Package

Christmas Lights and Events are hopping around Ocala! Driving around the Ocala area to see Christmas lights is a fun way to spend time with loved ones. Use this as your official Ocala Area Christmas lights and events guide for fun with family and friends.

4th of July Ocala and Marion County

Picture of American Flag with fireworks.

With 4th of July, 2021 right around the corner (2021 Updates Are Here and more Are on the Way!), here’s some fun family activities to do in and around Ocala and Marion County that include swimming, biking, skating, food, fun and fireworks! Whatever you and your family decides to do have fun, be safe and … Continued

Seller’s Closing Costs in Florida

Seller Closing Costs

Selling a home in Florida can be expensive, I’ll help you understand the fees and expenses involved before you sell so you’re prepared with all your expenses prior to making your move.

Buying a Home with Bad Credit

Buying a Home With Bad Credit

Almost every day I receive a phone call from someone that wants to buy a home but their credit isn’t the best. Oftentimes the inquiry comes in the form of someone asking “is the owner willing to do rent to own?”.  Other times the person inquiring just doesn’t know what their credit looks like. In this post I’m going to answer the questions around buying a home with bad credit and what actions to take so that you can become a homeowner!

Valentine’s Day Dinner and Things To do Ocala

Valentine's day couple

Valentine’s Day is an extra special day to show your loved one how much you care. Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for 2 or an untraditional celebration, I’d like to offer some suggestions for you on things to do in and around Ocala, FL to express your love, gratitude and appreciation for your special someone!


Picture of Macarons with cup of coffee

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here’s a few ideas to take Mom out for that special treat or ideas to take mom out for a special fun activity. Get locations, times and prices.

Buying a New Construction Home

Picture of brand new home.

When buying a new construction home it is important for you to have a professional who represents your best interest in your corner and not someone strictly there to protect the builder’s bottom line. Using a Realtor doesn’t cost you anything and a knowledgeable Realtor can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Let’s Talk About Your Rent Payment Ocala, FL

Picture of increasing rent.

Rent Payment Ocala, FL Hey guys, Philip Stevens here with Fontana Realty, real quick, I just wanted to talk to you guys today about rent payments. I’ve been speaking to customers lately that are paying a $1,000, $1200, $1300 in rent  or even people that are looking for rentals in the $850 range. Rentals on the market is decreasing … Continued