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Hey guys, Philip Stevens here with Fontana Realty, real quick, I just wanted to talk to you guys today about rent payments. I’ve been speaking to customers lately that are paying a $1,000, $1200, $1300 in rent  or even people that are looking for rentals in the $850 range. Rentals on the market is decreasing every single day, the rent prices are skyrocketing; I’ve got one client right now that their rent payment was $750 and their landlord wanted to raise it to a $1000 a month. if that’s you, please contact me and let me see if I can help you buy your own home, pay your own mortgage. There’s never been a better time to buy than there is right now; let’s make 2018 your year. If you’re paying $850 a month, you can purchase your own home for right around a $130,000. Please contact me, my phone number is 352-362-3418 that’s my personal cell phone: 352-362-3418.

Let’s see if we can get you in a home in 2020. Maybe right now you can’t afford a home or your credits bad, but let’s talk about it. Let’s make 2020 your year, what if you gave up one month’s rent, can you do that? Can you give up one months rent in exchange to be able to purchase your own home this year? That’s all I’m asking for is one months rent to be able to get you some help to be able to purchase your own home. Let’s see if we can make 2020 your year; you can get into a home for a $120-$130,000; $850 a month somewhere right in there. So, if you can afford an $850 a month rent payment, please talk to me, contact me. Stop paying someone else’s rent payment Ocala, FL –  okay? Have a great day.

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